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Swim Up Bar

If you want to listen to some deep, beautiful music…

If you need/want to listen to some deep, beautiful music...

70's lite music.

The Guitar Man by Bread

As I'm sitting here at my desk working on Fathers Day with no one around, I am thinking to myself, what would make me feel better. 

A list soon started developing in my head..

Spending the day with my daughter and grandkids

Listening to some soft beautiful music

Roller Skating - ha...NO, erase that one

My friend drives up in her Motorhome with Cheryl Lynn playing  "Got To Be Real" on the stereo and invites me to take a drive to the National Park so we can have a day of fun and share a picnic.​ A walk in nature...ahh

Swimming in a BIG adult pool with a swim up bar serving my favorite adult beverages...

I'm imagining that I'm in a large pool, it’s a warm summer day, it's hot and I'm thirsty.  I hear beautiful music playing in the distance. Not too loud and just the right beats. I decide to swim in the cool pool and find my way up to the swim up bar and order a nice. BIG, frozen margarita. The bartender is friendly and even has a few jokes to share.

All my troubles are fading away as I start to feel more and more relaxed. 

I'm experiencing a level of comfort  that makes me glad to be alive. The location of my cottage is the perfect setting to show off the gorgeous mountains, the cool palm tress, the ocean, and fantastic food the chefs have ​prepared for me and my friends.

The RV Entrepreneur

June is National Camping Month

Have you ever wondered if you could truly be free from a stationary office? If you could make your living even while on vacation? Well this couple has not only done it but, they are interviewing many others who are doing it too.

​The RV Entrepreneur is a weekly podcast where Heath and Alyssa interview nomadic entrepreneurs who are running a business while full-time RVing

The entrepreneurs they interview haven’t launched multi-million dollar companies or have hundreds of employees, they’re just normal people who have started businesses that allow them to travel full-time and live a nomadic lifestyle.​

Ok, I guess I better get back to work now 🙂




Creative Ways to Get Attention

Hi Friends,

Did I ever share with you that I used to work for a PR firm? My job was to get Authors on TV & radio shows, get book signing deals and shoot out press releases. I had many lists to work from but, the one I loved the most was HARO. Now, they have loads more to choose from and so I want to share a few of those with you today.

I’m all about sharing ideas and tips that will help us move forward. If you’re in business or, if you have written a book OR, if you have an event that you would like to promote, you will love today’s topic.  I want to talk with you about some FABULOUS websites and newsletters that allow you to find Reporters, Radio Shows & Popular Blogs that want to interview YOU! Or, if you need people & information for great content on your Blog, in your Newsletter, a book your writing or, on your own show, you will want this list.


media exposure


Free Service to get Radio Interviews, Talk Show Expert Publicity and Podcast Guests
Get radio interviews and podcast publicity guests interview bookings
Free radio, Internet radio, satellite radio, talk radio, podcast and TV talk show guest experts interviews booking service. Post your radio show guests, publicity or sponsorship needs online and we’ll email our list of experts, authors & PR firms automatically.

This is a free service that is all about helping YOU, whether you are a blogger or someone who wants to get the attention of bloggers.

You should join BloggerLinkUp if you are:
A blogger who uses guest posts to fill in when you are away or just want to give your readers another point of view
A blogger or web site owner who wants to get links and exposure by writing guest posts
A blogger who does interviews or round-up articles and needs sources
A representative of a company that wants to get your products reviewed by bloggers
A PR person, publicist or social media consultant who helps clients with any of the above.


Last but NOT LEAST….

HARO…Help A Reporter Out
.  Main stream media uses this service to find experts from every background and industry. Sign up for their newsletter and watch your business GROW!

These sources have enough REACH to shoot your information ALL OVER THE WORLD. All you need to do is take some time to write out what you’re looking for and then be prepared to GET ATTENTION!


Your Friendly Creative Pal,

Marian LaSalle

Speaker, Author and Joy Seeker

On the Radio TODAY…. 1:00 CST

Marian LaSalle on the Radio today

Marian LaSalle on the Radio today

What am I up to today? Call in and ask questions!!

I will be on a Radio Show today at 1:00pm with Toni Harris the Turnaround Queen. Toni helps her clients to take drastic steps outside their comfort zone to reach their personal, professional and financial goals.

Today Toni and I will be discussing alternative ways to make money!

We all have a passion and I feel deep down inside my soul, that mine is to help you find your passion and SHARE it with the WORLD!

I teach online and affiliate marketing and I am looking forward to answering questions from you today!

Marian LaSalle,

Your friendly Internet Marketer



What in the world have I been up to?

Fun FUN!

I was in a silent movie about Marketing with Stories (short~short movie)  🙂