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Directing The Conversations We Have With Ourselves

Directing the conversations with have with others is different than directing the conversations with ourselves. We CAN be serious about it, creating focused and intentional results.

Structured, focused visualization on an object or goal helps you physically see it and create it.

Example - If you’re searching for coffee online and you begin thinking about cell phones, this is going to render your search much more ineffective.

You may think, “Of course, I should think about what I'm looking for while I'm searching.” BUT... you know how the mind can drift off into many other thoughts. Having internal focus can be a challenge for all of us. There are easy was to keep the focus.

One way is to simply speak out loud. This will help you perform tasks better. Get into a firm habit to design your life starting with the small tasks and increasing your focus to larger and larger chores, tasks and life events.​

Happy Sadness

Yes, I am a business owner and this will work well for business growth but, I'm also a human...a woman, a Mom, a sister, a friend, a pet owner, a neighbor, a shopper, a fellow driver, a customer, a partner, an audience member and more. I'm interacting with so many people including myself that I think it's time we all start thinking about how we can direct our conversations with each other including ourselves to create the focused and intentional results we really want.

Feel free to contact me any way it feels right to you. ​I'm active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Time Technique

A Real Time Management Technique That Works

Do you ever find yourself in trouble with the people in this world that you care about? In trouble because you’re constantly late to appointments? Do you find yourself…

Late to work one to many
times this week?

Late to pick up your children?

Late to pick up your kids

Late for appointments that
meant a lot to you?

Well if you said yes, you’re not alone. This was my life starting from as long back as I can remember. I recall my teachers being always on my case and even being sent down to the principal’s office and punished for being constantly late to school. As I grew a little older I remember being in trouble all the time with my parents for being late. Once I grew old enough to get a job, I was always in trouble with my boss for being late to work and then my spouse for procrastinating so often and making him late.

Most people believe that being late is a choice. If it’s always someone else’s fault or your excuse list is as long as a Childs Christmas list, case closed. Being chronically late also sends a strong message that you believe your time is more valuable than those waiting for you, and they have every right to be annoyed. It starts off innocently enough and then it can turn into a BAD habit. If you’re honest with yourself and can write down what you think is causing it, you might be able to figure out. Even if you don’t know what’s causing it, I have a FABULOUS way to set yourself up to always either be early or at least on-time.

One day I remember thinking to myself I HATE being late all the time, why can’t I ever get to my appointments on time? My dearest friend in the world yelled at me one day and said she had waited for me for the last time. She was so mad that I thought I had lost my best friend. That was the final straw; I’d had enough and decided that I was not going to be late any more. I set all of my clocks ahead 10 minutes and some of them I set ahead 15 minutes. Even though I knew they were set ahead 10 to 15 minutes later than it was, IT WORKED. It seemed to be like a miracle​.

​It has been many years since I started this technique and to this day I am always known as the person who is early or on time. You would think that since you know that the clocks are set ahead of time that you would start to ignore it but, if you really want to change it will work. When you look up at the clock and you notice that it’s time to go, you will get going.


It will make your life so much easier and more pleasant. You will be glad for all the positive feedback you will get from you loved ones. 

I'm early

It has been many years since I started this technique and to this day I am always known as the person who is early or on time. You would think that since you know that the clocks are set ahead of time that you would start to ignore it but, if you really want to change it will work. When you look up at the clock and you notice that it’s time to go, you will get going.​

​If being early feels like a waste of time, come prepared for the pause: bring a book or something to work on. Listen to a podcast or just closely notice the world around you. I have come to enjoy this time, catching up on a good book or TED talk. I even take time to write when I find I have a few extra minutes.

​I hope my technique works as well for you as it has for me.

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Set yourself up for success, a real life time management technique that works.


Today Is The DAY! Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week But TODAY

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered why somethings turned out great and others you failed miserably? It’s really your decision, no one else can do it for you but you keep looking for SOMEONE…ANYONE who has the answer you need to succeed.  Then finally one day you say ENOUGH!

Today Is The DAY! Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week But TODAY

Mark this day in time for me. I want to change a few things in my life and TODAY IS THE DAY! Not tomorrow, not next week but TODAY April 2nd, 2014.

I have waited long enough. I have made enough excuses. I have given it enough thought.

TODAY IS THE DAY!Today is the DAY!

I used to smoke cigarettes and one day I decided enough was enough and I wanted to quit so, I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to quit.

  • My clothes and my hair smelled
  • My ashtrays were always overflowingstinky ashtray
  • People around me were bothered by the smell
  • It costs to much HARD EARNED MONEY
  • My breath smelled
  • I was so addicted, I have to have one when I had the craving & this was embarrassing
  • I was coughing more and more
  • My mother died a HORRIBLE death with a lung disease called emphysema 

I looked over the list and it made me gag. (To this day I gag thinking about it) I finally had had enough and was willing to quit. I threw what was left of the pack away and started fresh the next morning. The cravings were really strong and constant but every time I had the urge, I would say to myself, Oh… that’s right, I forgot, I’m a non-smoker now and the urge went away.

It was a miracle!!!

The 1st day, I said it a hundred times, the second week 50 times a day, by the 6th week it was down to 20 times a day. I have never picked up another cigarette and to this day consider that statement my miracle saying.

I have decided to use that strategy again on myself for a few other things that need to change. No one is bugging me, no one is demanding it of me I WANT TO CHANGE. So instead of tomorrow I’m not waiting another minute… TODAY IS THE DAY!

I will let you know what those changes are in my next post so stay tuned 🙂

Feel fee to let me know if you need help with something you need changed. Or if you have a success story I would love to hear all about it.

Your Friend Marian

Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle


1 How to Develop Good Habits

Do you ever take time to reflect on what is working and what you need to change?

Sometimes I feel like a rough rock that has been tumbling around inside a commercial tumbler for a while. I need to take myself out of the tumbler and look myself over and make my plans for how I want to proceed. Do I need to put myself back into the tumbler with a different grit? Do I turn off the tumbler and rest for a while? Model T Rock TumblerDo I need to ask my friends and business associates for some feedback? If we never take time to reflect on what’s happening to us, we won’t ever change right?

One thing I know for sure is, if I do want to change a bad habit like procrastination, bad  health habits, over eating etc. I KNOW I have to replace that habit with something because, if I don’t purposely fill in the empty hole, the hole will fill in with whatever it can. I have listed a few things you can do to develop a good habit or fill in a new habit to replace the yucky old one.

How to Develop Good Habits

  • Get involved in a 30-day challenge, focusing on just ONE habit.
  • Write it out on paper, along with what will keep you motivated.
  • Commit fully, in a public way.
  • Log your progress (I use i mood journal)
  • Have support for when you need help— online and off.
  • Reward every little success.
  • If you don’t make it the first time, figure out what went wrong, plan a new stategy, and try again.

I watched a show on the OWN network called Life Class. The host is Oprah and the teacher was Joel Olsteen.  He’s a  really good motivator and will give your self esteem a real boost. The biggest takeaway I got from his teaching was this quote. I LOVE IT so much that I made a quote graphic out of it.

I am quote

Stop and ponder what he’s trying to tell us here. Whatever follows I AM, will come looking for you. WHOA…that’s deep.

When you say things like I am so tired all the time or I am always late, I just can’t seem to be on-time for anything. I am getting so fed up with…. I AM, I AM, I AM. It will keep you in that mode of repeating the same bad habit. Let’s try to change it up and reword our I AM’s

If you have supportive friends or family see if you can catch each other saying these things and change it around to  I am remembering to  be on time more. I am getting better and better everyday at… or  I am looking forward to being on-time from now on. Don’t lie to yourself, be real.

Please report back and let me know how this technique works for you. It is really helping me.


Marian LaSalle

1 What did you learn this week? A review of a week in the life of Marian LaSalle

On  Wonderful Women in Business Facebook page, a question was asked…

“As a business owner….we continually have to learn new things. What did you learn this week?”

It made me sit still for  few minutes and really ponder on what I learned. It was a pleasant time as I thought back on all the people, events and activities that had gone on. I did learn this last week and I learned quite a lot, not just business but also very personal lessons.

A review of a week in the life of Marian LaSalle

I learned more about me and how I communicate with myself. I argue and fight with myself, I beat myself up, I pat myself on the back, I pamper myself and  I have conversations with me all day, everyday. I learned from a really good teacher that these conversations can be much more productive if, I take the time to listen and learn what I’m trying to communicate with myself. 🙂

I learned that even though we know it’s coming it’s still a HUGE shocked when the vet says, I’m sorry there’s nothing more we can do…

I learned that if we are taught how, we can ask for what we need and get it! This lesson came from a presentation I did with my good friend and business associate Red O’Laughlin Author of many books like  “RESULTS MATTER When You Want To Lose Weight and Keep It Off”   Red and I did a terrific presentation together called Reputation Marketing for the “Main Street Chamber”. As homework we ask the audience to open a Yelp account and ask for testimonials. The first person that followed our instructions was a wonderful friend and business owner Rod White from RW and Associates. He opened a Yelp account and listed his business and asked us for a testimonial. Click on this link to see my review.

Reputation Marketing Presentaion

Reputation Marketing Presentaion

Rod asked and he got what he asked for AND he got it right away. This was a good lesson in getting what you ask for. How many times do we keep things to ourselves that we really need to ask for help from others? If we need help, we should ASK! I love to help people but if they don’t ask, I can’t help. I know that if I asked you for help, you would help me right? If you could, you would, I know that, so why don’t I ask more often? Let’s all try it this week and report back. Find something you need help with, put the request out there and let’s see if you get it.

I learned that together we can not only accomplish more but we can do it with more ease and fun. Let’s remember to include others in more often and take the load off all of us!

Be kind and remember I LOVE to connect so ‘Let’s Connect Today’ and see if we can do some cool things together!

Your friendly neighbor,

Marian LaSalle
Author, Speaker, Mother, Artist, Business owner and all around good friend.





Free Yourself From The Rut You’re In

How do we humans get stuck in ruts and keep ourselves repeating the same mistakes and bad behaviors over and over again? We are trained early on to feel fear of the unknown and to ‘know’ our limits. Our peers, parent’s, mentors and teachers mean well but, sometimes they teach us things that actually harm us as adults like;

  • Be patient
  • Don’t show off
  • Be careful
  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Don’t speak until spoken to
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Know your limits
  • Never eat your dessert first
  • That’s impossible
  • Quit being such a dreamer
  • Don’t take the easy way out
  • Be quiet
  • Don’t think big, you will only disappoint yourself

Some of our beliefs are hidden and we don’t even realize we are creating our ‘BAD LUCK’ or, the repeated drama that seems to plaque our lives until, we notice that life is giving us SHOCKS or signs that MAKE us pay attention. The signs can be small and repeated or quite LARGE like, we get fired from a job or our spouse leaves us.  We can start the waking up process by asking questions, getting ourselves into therapy, reading self-help books or going to motivational training and classes.

If you’re stuck in a cycle and you can’t seem to figure out why, it’s not your fault. Most of these beliefs we have ingrained in us are formed at a very young age and we don’t even remember them. Some of your beliefs are good, solid and helpful but, some of them no longer serve you and they keep filtering your experiences in a harmful way because you fail to notice and eliminate them.

If you really want to get a deeper grasp of your potential and focus on specific areas of your life, seek out processes, techniques and programs that will open your eyes & ears to unlock your limits and limiting beliefs.

I love this example of how we get trained early on and how we do not question why we can never get ahead…

Do you know how they train elephant’s in the circus to walk around in a circle, do stunts and obey the ringmaster or trainer’s every command?

When the elephants are very young, they tie a heavy chain or rope around its foot and drive a long stake in the ground to which the other end of the rope is tied. The baby elephant tries and tries to walk away for a long time, but finally begins to know its limits and stops trying.

As the baby elephant grows into a huge beast weighing in at several tons, the trainer removes the huge chain and replaces it with a small rope and short stake. This full-grown adult can easily pull the stake out, but it doesn’t because of its conditioning with the heavier chain and stake.nothing is impossible

What is holding us back?  Why can’t we break out of the rut we find ourselves in when all we need to do is walk away in order to be free?  The answer is the powerful conditioning and training we received. Our minds and dreams are certainly as powerful as the elephant’s physical strength and weight—but how many people can’t seize the opportunity for freedom because they think that it is not possible?


Do not make the mistake of thinking that these lessons do not apply to you because you are not an elephant. The same thing happens to millions of people all the time. 

I’m recommending a GREAT book! I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and reaching your dreams by Patrick Henry Hughes


Life is like a ~ wave ~

~Up down ~ UP down ~

Have you ever noticed that your moods and life’s circumstances  flow in and out and up and down like a wave of water?

Sometimes they are soft and graceful like a smooth flowing river and other times they come HARD and FAST like an overflowing boiling pot of H2O or a gust of bursting water from a broken pipe.

We are constantly moving and changing. People come in and out of our life, sometimes it seems natural and you barely notice and other times it’s fast, hard and it hurts.

We are constantly growing and aging. Our bodies move us along everyday, sometimes it’s so effortless we don’t even think about it and other times it shows us who’s the boss!!!

We are constantly learning and improving. Even if we don’t notice the changes, we are learning everyday from our reactions to life’s events, how our friends react to life’s events. Every encounter we have teaches us more about ourselves.

We get to choose how we act/react to these waves and if you feel you don’t act or react the way you think you should, do you know what  you’re going to do to change it? Let’s look at some of the ways we can handle it…

We can read articles, books or reports. We can attend workshops, watch videos, go to traditional therapy,  try hypnosis, bio-feedback, we can try to ignore it, go with the flow or face it head on.

No mater what your decision is, it’s alright. We will learn what we need to from what ever we decide.

If you want to shift your mood quickly, I have a few suggestions for products I have used or read that you might want to check out.

The Happiness Advantage Book

Shawn Achor The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage







The Happiness Advantage DVD set






Events in Houston

Events coming up this week in Houston


Speed Networking Event

Tuesday June 19th, 2012 5:30-9:00pm
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Ready...Set...Lets Network

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Thursday June 21st, 2012 7:30am-9:30am
Referral Business Builders

Referral Business Builders

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Upcoming Events

A  beginners overview to generating affiliate income online, full or part-time.

Friday June 22nd at the Meyerland – Egg & I from 9:00am-11:00am   You Must RSVP

Friday June 29th at the I-10 and Bunker Hill – Egg & I from 9:00am-11:00am   You Must RSVP

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This overview will help you…

  • —  Clarify your online potential
  • —  Understand the tools needed to create an online business
  • —  Expand your Internet/Affiliate Marketing knowledge
  Benefits of the workshop include
  • —  Allowing you to expand your business globally
  • —  Demystifying online income opportunities
  • —  Connecting with other motivated people to create the magic of Joint Ventures


$10.00 tickets Sign up now to guarantee your spot.

Facilitator: Marian LaSalle and Becky Earle from I Marketing Made Easy and Painted Path Designs.   &


Contact Information: 713-826-4942 or


 2 Full Day Workshops Affi

  • Houston, TX  Friday, July 13th and Saturday July 14th 2012

Completing Some Tasks

Today I am feeling very good about some completed tasks that I have been working on.  One of the improvements I wanted as a business owner and as a fellow human being has been to complete a task that I set out to do.  I’m great at coming up with ideas and setting the action into motion however, in the past I have let other projects or distractions get in the way or take over my time altogether.

One day I said to myself, OK Marian, you MUST set some systems in place to help you move through this issue.  I hired a few coaches, I talked with friends, I enlisted help from anyone who would listen to my bellyaches about my procrastination issues and nothing really changed UNTIL… I set myself up for success in another area and when I got results with that, I figured why not try it for this monster too.

I have put into place several systems to keep me  healthy, balanced and organized.

1. Exercise

2. Business goals

3. Organizing my office


1st System – Exercise for Health and Fitness – Walk briskly for one hour three Times per week

The exercise goal was to get enough people willing to say they would meet me three times a week for a brisk, one hour walk. I knew that if I had people waiting for me I was 90% more likely to show up.  If I only invited one, they might not be able to make it and then I would make  excuses (to myself) about how I could just do it later around my neighborhood (which never happens BTW).  I found 8 people willing to come at least once a week so JUST LIKE MAGIC….

2nd System – Business Goal One – Write and publish a new e-book each month

For this goal I needed other serious business owners who also wanted to write e-books in their niche.  I invited these wonderful candidates to join me and I told them that I committed one day per week to this process.  I was lucky to find three others that would commit to at least twice a month. I now have a set date and time to meet and JUST LIKE MAGIC….

3rd System – Business Goal Two – Organize my work space and keep it up

I have tried this on my own many times and even hired a feng shui designer but sadly it didn’t work, so, I have now hired a professional organizer to come in and set up the systems I need to get everything in order and help me stay on track.

What have I learned through this whole process?  Sometimes you can set the system up yourself and other times you need to hire a professional. I am happy to say I have done both and it seems to be working for me.


Key to completing tasks

Key to completing tasks

I hope that something I shared here today will help you in your quest to move forward in your personal or professional goals.


Please share your ideas and tips that are working for you!


Your friend,

Marian LaSalle


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