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SEE… My Dad Was Right!

See Dad Was Right

When I was a youngster we had rules at the dinner table. Some of the rules were unbreakable and some were my parents hopes. One hope they had, was that we would not feed our dog Trixie the vegetables we did not want to eat. 

One rule we had that we new we couldn't break was, drinking during dinner. My dad always said, if you drink when you eat you dilute the juices your stomach needs to digest your food properly. And so it was... Many times people have tried to encourage  me to drink at the dinner table and I always decline because, I can hear my dad explaining why we just don't do that. Well today I read an article written by my friend Red O'Laughlin Author, Speaker and Researcher on health and wellness topics. I know you will want to learn more about this fascinating subject so, I'm including his article for you below. Enjoy and please reach out to Red to get more fascinating facts and interesting ideas on staying healthy.

Our health begins with the foods we eat. Nutritional absorption of food begins in your mouth. The amount of saliva you mix with your food before swallowing determines how much of that food will be absorbed later in your body. The first thing to begin doing better is to chew your food more thoroughly.

Horace Fletcher was well known in the late 18th and early 19th centuries for his lectures on chewing. He was known as the Great Masticator. His health was poor and through chewing his food more his health improved. The process of digestion begins when you are chewing your food. It sends signals to the digestive organs in the body to prepare for the food being eaten.

If eaten too quickly, food is not properly ground up for absorption. Our bodies do a pretty good job of extracting the nutrients from the foods we eat. We can help that process by chewing the food till the consistency of applesauce or simple mush. This allows the saliva to begin the digestive process. Why not gain more nutrients from the same foods we eat so that our health benefits as much as it can?

The second thing is to not drink a lot of liquid with your meals. Your stomach acid is released when food is being chewed. It prepares your stomach to begin its digestive process. About 400 to 700 milliliters of hydrochloric acid is delivered to the stomach for a typical meal.

The pH of the stomach approaches 2.0 as stomach acid is produced. pH is a measure of acidity. The lower the number the more acidic something is. Neutral is given the number 7.0 and anything greater than 7.0 is considered alkaline. The entire range is from 1.0 to 14.0.

Adding water or other liquids to the stomach when eating increases the volume in your stomach and changes the pH of the stomach acid. Water or other liquid taken while chewing tends to lubricate the food to make it easier to swallow. It is one reason why we drink while eating. It makes it easier to swallow.

If foods were thoroughly chewed then additional liquid would not be needed. Stomach acid would be allowed to do its magic with maximum pH efficiency. You would gain more nutritional benefit from the foods you ate. Our food choices are critical for good health. Why not maximize the nutritional gain from those choices.

There are some other benefits of chewing longer without additional liquid. Your stomach is prepped properly for the incoming food. The food arrives more slowly compared to gulping down your food. As such, your body responds more quickly to a feeling of satiety or fullness.

Your body responds to the volume of food you eat. You receive signals telling you that you have eaten enough. If you stop when you feel them, you generally eat less food. Most of the time we feel that momentary ‘full’ feeling and ignore it.

The first time I read about this signaling process I was skeptical. I ate my next meal anxiously awaiting the ‘feeling’ of being full before I finished a normal meal. It came to me as advertised - about half-way through that meal. I had felt this before but had always ignored it.

I use smaller plates when I eat. I’ve been doing this for several years. I put less food on the plate at a meal. I don’t always chew my food to the consistency of applesauce unless I am thinking about it at the time. I do, however, not drink anything with my meals. I drink thirty minutes before a meal and thirty minutes or longer after a meal.

As we age, our stomach acid concentration begins to wane a bit. Adding additional liquids during the digestive processes reduces our ability to gain the nutrients we need.

Consider chewing your food longer and enjoy the true taste of the food. Consider not adding extra fluids during your meals. These are two things that can be done immediately and might help you become a bit healthier and possibly even lose a few pounds also.

Red O'Laughlin

Red O'Laughlin

Author Public Speaker and  Researcher. Writer and book publisher on health and wellness. Specialty niche is cause and effect. Red identifies the causes and effects of various health and wellness issues and provide solutions based on the cause of those problems.

Learn more about Red on his blog

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something valuable. I know it fet good to me to hear my father teaching me again.

Feel free to contact me any way it feels right to you. I'm active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Directing The Conversations We Have With Ourselves

Directing the conversations with have with others is different than directing the conversations with ourselves. We CAN be serious about it, creating focused and intentional results.

Structured, focused visualization on an object or goal helps you physically see it and create it.

Example - If you’re searching for coffee online and you begin thinking about cell phones, this is going to render your search much more ineffective.

You may think, “Of course, I should think about what I'm looking for while I'm searching.” BUT... you know how the mind can drift off into many other thoughts. Having internal focus can be a challenge for all of us. There are easy was to keep the focus.

One way is to simply speak out loud. This will help you perform tasks better. Get into a firm habit to design your life starting with the small tasks and increasing your focus to larger and larger chores, tasks and life events.​

Happy Sadness

Yes, I am a business owner and this will work well for business growth but, I'm also a human...a woman, a Mom, a sister, a friend, a pet owner, a neighbor, a shopper, a fellow driver, a customer, a partner, an audience member and more. I'm interacting with so many people including myself that I think it's time we all start thinking about how we can direct our conversations with each other including ourselves to create the focused and intentional results we really want.

Feel free to contact me any way it feels right to you. ​I'm active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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How Do You Respond When People Hurt You?

When people hurt you, how do you respond?
When people hurt your kids, how do you help them cope? I found a fantastic article I know you will want to read.

​“Everyone in your life serves a purpose. Everyone has something to teach you and while people who are kind and friendly help teach you who you do want to be, those who are not kind and friendly teach you who you don’t want to be.

So when you encounter someone who hurts your feelings, lean into that feeling. Ask yourself what they did to make you feel that way. Was it the words they chose? Their tone? The way they picked favorites and then ignored everyone else?

Whatever they did, make a pledge. Promise yourself that you’ll never treat anyone the way they treated you. This is how you become a kinder and more compassionate person. This is how you learn from their mistakes. And when you meet someone you really like, lean into that feeling, too. Ask yourself what they did to make you feel so good. Then make a pledge to yourself to be more like them.

This is also how you become a kinder and more compassionate person. Regardless of how anyone treats you, you stand to benefit. While some people teach you who you do want to be, others teach you who you don’t want to be. And it’s the people who teach you who you don’t want to be that provide some of the most lasting and memorable lessons on social graces, human dignity, and the importance of acting with integrity.”​  ~Renowned author and speaker Kari Kampakis

Sad You Hurt Me

Thanks for taking the time to drop in and I do look forward to meeting and greeting you so don't be shy...reach out and chat with me. Let's start the conversation.

Moving Forward!

Life is so interesting!



Life is so fascinating. Pretty early in our childhood, we catch on that life is not fair and somebody is messing with the plan. Once we start to realize that it happens to all of us, and it seems to be the norm, we start looking for the source of all this unfairness. If we spend too much time searching for the cause of our unhappiness, we notice that it causes even more unhappiness.

Instead of looking for the bad guy or gal, we can save so much time, energy and drama, by looking for what makes us happy. What are the things that cause us to experience joy and gratitude? We can make a list of the things that make us feel good, inspired, eager to move forward, happy, calm and excited.

With every problem and with every challenging situation we find ourselves in, comes a true blessing, a great lesson. Something we need to learn or master. Something that will help us grow, expand and evolve. Why not try looking at our bad days, at our problems and difficulties and negatives as opportunities.

Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want ~ Jim Rohn

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Special invitation to my community

I have created a group on Facebook called Mindful Awareness Club and I would like to invite you to join us.

This group of mindful, kind, supportive people has a cool Facebook forum AND a meeting online in a video chat every week on Tuesdays - 8:00pm CT 9:00pm ET.

The structure is: We start with introductions and then the leader reads a selected quote or poem and the topic for the evening, (Please volunteer to be the leader anytime) You can select the quote and topic or we will supply it for you. Next we begin sharing our feelings and thoughts about the topic. Maybe something came up for you, or it reminded you of something, or it was exactly what you needed to hear today. 

We keep the shares to about 3 minutes. If we want to share other news, comments and recommendations, we will do so after the everyone has had their time to share.

You don't HAVE to come to the Video chat to participate in the group but, we would LOVE to see you there!

Mindful Awareness

Thank you for joining me in this adventure called life. I'm always excited to hear from you so, reach out and connect. Don't put it off another day!

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Dumping your garbage on me

The Garbage Truck Story

I'm thrilled to be able to share this story as it has helped me tremendously. I'm sure it will help you too!

The Garbage Truck Story

David Pollay was in a New York City taxi cab and here's what happened to him.

"I hopped in a taxi, and we took off for Grand Central Station. We were driving in the right lane when all of a sudden, a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, the car skidded, the tires squealed, and at the very last moment our car stopped just one inch from the other car’s back-end.I couldn’t believe it. But then I couldn’t believe what happened next. The driver of the other car, the guy who almost caused a big accident, whipped his head around and he started yelling bad words at us. How do I know? Ask any New Yorker, some words in New York come with a special face. And he even threw in a one finger salute! I couldn’t believe it!

But then here’s what really blew me away. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was friendly. So, I said, “Why did you just do that!? This guy could have killed us!” And this is when my taxi driver told me what I now call, 'The Law of the Garbage Truck' He said:“Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they look for a place to dump it. And if you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Believe me. You’ll be happier."

So I started thinking, how often do I let Garbage Trucks run right over me? And how often do I take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the street? It was then that I said, “I don’t want their garbage and I’m not going to spread it anymore.”I began to see Garbage Trucks. Like in the movie “The Sixth Sense,” the little boy said, “I see Dead People.” Well now “I see Garbage Trucks.” I see the load they’re carrying. I see them coming to dump it. And like my taxi driver, I don’t take it personally; I just smile, wave, wish them well, and I move on."

This story helps us all to remember to have empathy for people who are full of garbage. If they dump on us we don't need to pick it up and take it personally. 

Don’t Give Up

What would you tell someone you care about if they were in your shoes?

Would you advise your friend or child to give up when it seems like they may not reach their goal? Or, would you practice your finest motivational pep talk and help them see what you see in their potential? I'm sure you would push them to be their best, so set yourself up for success and do the same for yourself.  Be your own best friend. You, more than anyone you know, deserve your belief and motivation. Keep working toward your goal. Remember that each positive choice you make is affecting you in hidden ways that will add up to BIG change over time!

Take a different approach if you need to. Ask for help, ask for an extension, hire a mentor or coach, or create a distraction. No matter what, don’t give up!!

dont give up

Don’t Give Up

Time Technique

A Real Time Management Technique That Works

Do you ever find yourself in trouble with the people in this world that you care about? In trouble because you’re constantly late to appointments? Do you find yourself…

Late to work one to many
times this week?

Late to pick up your children?

Late to pick up your kids

Late for appointments that
meant a lot to you?

Well if you said yes, you’re not alone. This was my life starting from as long back as I can remember. I recall my teachers being always on my case and even being sent down to the principal’s office and punished for being constantly late to school. As I grew a little older I remember being in trouble all the time with my parents for being late. Once I grew old enough to get a job, I was always in trouble with my boss for being late to work and then my spouse for procrastinating so often and making him late.

Most people believe that being late is a choice. If it’s always someone else’s fault or your excuse list is as long as a Childs Christmas list, case closed. Being chronically late also sends a strong message that you believe your time is more valuable than those waiting for you, and they have every right to be annoyed. It starts off innocently enough and then it can turn into a BAD habit. If you’re honest with yourself and can write down what you think is causing it, you might be able to figure out. Even if you don’t know what’s causing it, I have a FABULOUS way to set yourself up to always either be early or at least on-time.

One day I remember thinking to myself I HATE being late all the time, why can’t I ever get to my appointments on time? My dearest friend in the world yelled at me one day and said she had waited for me for the last time. She was so mad that I thought I had lost my best friend. That was the final straw; I’d had enough and decided that I was not going to be late any more. I set all of my clocks ahead 10 minutes and some of them I set ahead 15 minutes. Even though I knew they were set ahead 10 to 15 minutes later than it was, IT WORKED. It seemed to be like a miracle​.

​It has been many years since I started this technique and to this day I am always known as the person who is early or on time. You would think that since you know that the clocks are set ahead of time that you would start to ignore it but, if you really want to change it will work. When you look up at the clock and you notice that it’s time to go, you will get going.


It will make your life so much easier and more pleasant. You will be glad for all the positive feedback you will get from you loved ones. 

I'm early

It has been many years since I started this technique and to this day I am always known as the person who is early or on time. You would think that since you know that the clocks are set ahead of time that you would start to ignore it but, if you really want to change it will work. When you look up at the clock and you notice that it’s time to go, you will get going.​

​If being early feels like a waste of time, come prepared for the pause: bring a book or something to work on. Listen to a podcast or just closely notice the world around you. I have come to enjoy this time, catching up on a good book or TED talk. I even take time to write when I find I have a few extra minutes.

​I hope my technique works as well for you as it has for me.

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Set yourself up for success, a real life time management technique that works.


Today Is The DAY! Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week But TODAY

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered why somethings turned out great and others you failed miserably? It’s really your decision, no one else can do it for you but you keep looking for SOMEONE…ANYONE who has the answer you need to succeed.  Then finally one day you say ENOUGH!

Today Is The DAY! Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week But TODAY

Mark this day in time for me. I want to change a few things in my life and TODAY IS THE DAY! Not tomorrow, not next week but TODAY April 2nd, 2014.

I have waited long enough. I have made enough excuses. I have given it enough thought.

TODAY IS THE DAY!Today is the DAY!

I used to smoke cigarettes and one day I decided enough was enough and I wanted to quit so, I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to quit.

  • My clothes and my hair smelled
  • My ashtrays were always overflowingstinky ashtray
  • People around me were bothered by the smell
  • It costs to much HARD EARNED MONEY
  • My breath smelled
  • I was so addicted, I have to have one when I had the craving & this was embarrassing
  • I was coughing more and more
  • My mother died a HORRIBLE death with a lung disease called emphysema 

I looked over the list and it made me gag. (To this day I gag thinking about it) I finally had had enough and was willing to quit. I threw what was left of the pack away and started fresh the next morning. The cravings were really strong and constant but every time I had the urge, I would say to myself, Oh… that’s right, I forgot, I’m a non-smoker now and the urge went away.

It was a miracle!!!

The 1st day, I said it a hundred times, the second week 50 times a day, by the 6th week it was down to 20 times a day. I have never picked up another cigarette and to this day consider that statement my miracle saying.

I have decided to use that strategy again on myself for a few other things that need to change. No one is bugging me, no one is demanding it of me I WANT TO CHANGE. So instead of tomorrow I’m not waiting another minute… TODAY IS THE DAY!

I will let you know what those changes are in my next post so stay tuned 🙂

Feel fee to let me know if you need help with something you need changed. Or if you have a success story I would love to hear all about it.

Your Friend Marian

Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle


I am Valuable

I get inspiration from so many of life’s little treasures. People I meet, places I go, Podcasts I listen to, websites I visit and sometimes even in my dreams. Today’s inspiration comes from a special gift to this world ‘Joel Osteen.’ If you have ever seen him on his television show, in person at Lakewood in Houston or read any of his books, I’m sure you can understand how people can be inspired to live life with more gusto.  Today’s inspiration is about what we tell ourselves, labels we let someone assign to us and how it can take over our whole life.

Words are like seeds, if you dwell on them long enough they will take root and become what was said. You can’t stop the negative comments or prevent the negative labels but you can choose to remove them

I AM valuable

I AM valuable

Are there labels people have put on you? Quit acting like those words are true. Don’t wear that label. This is a new day and you can change your label.


Lucile ball was told she had no acting ability, she should try another profession.
Winston Churchill was told he wasn’t smart enough…
Shaquille O’Neal was told he was too big and clumsy to ever play basketball and was removed from his high school team…

They chose to remove the negative labels and YOU CAN TOO!

When you believe, doors will open that you had never even dreamed of.

 Try on some of these new labels…

  • I am strong and valuable
  • I am designed just right
  • I am wonderfully made
  • I am extraordinary
  • I have seeds of greatness
  • I can have fun leaving my mark
  • People need my gifts
  • I am unique
  • change your perspective
  • I have a destiny to fulfill
  • I am a masterpiece
  • I am valuable to those who need me
  • I am one of a kind
  • I am capable of greatness
  • I’m the one
  • I am a world changer, a history maker
  • I already have what I need to succeed
  • I have the right experience to make it possible
  • I can well able to fulfill  my dreams


You’re not what people call you; you are what you answer to!!


Marian LaSalle