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Swim Up Bar

If you want to listen to some deep, beautiful music…

If you need/want to listen to some deep, beautiful music...

70's lite music.

The Guitar Man by Bread

As I'm sitting here at my desk working on Fathers Day with no one around, I am thinking to myself, what would make me feel better. 

A list soon started developing in my head..

Spending the day with my daughter and grandkids

Listening to some soft beautiful music

Roller Skating - ha...NO, erase that one

My friend drives up in her Motorhome with Cheryl Lynn playing  "Got To Be Real" on the stereo and invites me to take a drive to the National Park so we can have a day of fun and share a picnic.​ A walk in nature...ahh

Swimming in a BIG adult pool with a swim up bar serving my favorite adult beverages...

I'm imagining that I'm in a large pool, it’s a warm summer day, it's hot and I'm thirsty.  I hear beautiful music playing in the distance. Not too loud and just the right beats. I decide to swim in the cool pool and find my way up to the swim up bar and order a nice. BIG, frozen margarita. The bartender is friendly and even has a few jokes to share.

All my troubles are fading away as I start to feel more and more relaxed. 

I'm experiencing a level of comfort  that makes me glad to be alive. The location of my cottage is the perfect setting to show off the gorgeous mountains, the cool palm tress, the ocean, and fantastic food the chefs have ​prepared for me and my friends.

The RV Entrepreneur

June is National Camping Month

Have you ever wondered if you could truly be free from a stationary office? If you could make your living even while on vacation? Well this couple has not only done it but, they are interviewing many others who are doing it too.

​The RV Entrepreneur is a weekly podcast where Heath and Alyssa interview nomadic entrepreneurs who are running a business while full-time RVing

The entrepreneurs they interview haven’t launched multi-million dollar companies or have hundreds of employees, they’re just normal people who have started businesses that allow them to travel full-time and live a nomadic lifestyle.​

Ok, I guess I better get back to work now 🙂




Hot Tip For Travelers From Castles to Treehouses

rooms for rent

Whole house or rooms ANY price point

​         This is truly a unique travel experience

A FABULOUS Resource!

Airbnb is a site that allows you to either advertise your own place, or rent someone else’s place while you’re traveling. You can rent a single bedroom in a home, or you can rent an entire place in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

Hot Tip For Travelers From Castles to Treehouses

You get to experience all the comforts of home while you’re away. Plus, in some cases the hosts will give you tips on the best local spots to visit and even pick you up from the airport! NO KIDDING I know someone that traveled all over Europe and this was their experience.

I think for some people (adventurous types…like me)  it’s the new way to travel. Want to try it? Here’s $25 towards your first stay!

If you have a trip coming up soon, you should check airbnb out. It’s simple to sign up, and it’s free to search.

Be sure to take the extra time to read past guests’ ratings & reviews!

Be good and remember to contact me anytime. I love to connect with my friends!

Your Friend Marian,

Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle

6 Busy Busy Busy…

Everyone I talk to lately tells me they are sooo busy. They have never been this busy and most of them are stressed out to the max. I too have been known to say the exact same thing however, I have made a decision that things are going to be different for me and the people who I influence. From now on we are going to have fun no mater what we are doing AND we are going to let the people in our lives who try to drag us down go. I call this FREEDOM!! This is not always an easy task but well worth it in the long run. From work to relationships I feel FREE…  Feel welcome to ask me how I have been successful at this and I will GLADLY share my secrets.

I have been called a Pollyanna before and you know, that’s just fine with me. I have a peace inside me that is growing stronger and stronger everyday. I surround myself with kind, loving, generous, HAPPY people and that is a protection from the poison you just can’t buy.


I’m a Polly Anna

I am constantly asking the universe to help me with the chore of bringing me money and the physical stuff I feel I need to be comfortable. Ask and you shall receive ‘They Say’.  Just go towards what make you happy and share that happiness with your customers, family, friends and prospective customers and you will soon find that the RIGHT people are attracted to you.

I know how important it is to take care of my body as part of this happiness regimen so I have set myself up for fun exercise. I make my friends meet me to walk  3 miles, 3 days a week and I found a fun new game called Pickleball that’s free at our local community center. I play 3 days a week for 2 or 3 hours and the time flys by. Check your local YMCA or community center to see if they offer it in your area.


Fun game of Pickleball

So busy or not you can choose to live a happy life, full of people who are kind and thoughtful by asking-knowing-expecting-setting yourself up for success and receiving.

Marian LaSalle
Your friendly Pollyanna,


P.S. Want to join the fun loving peaceful people I hang with? Ask me how you can travel at a discount with loads of Pollyanna types 🙂  We take 4 & 5 Star vacations on 2 & 3 Star prices. Traveling the world on cruises and adventures in style!

In The Cloud Travel


In the Cloud Travel

Join the fun, HAPPY People


FABULOUS Destinations for a Memorable Holiday Vacation

I’m going on a vacation for Christmas this year and I’m taking my family with me. I know EXACTLY where we are going… how about you?

Here are some ideas to think about for you and your family. OR, if your family is not around how about taking a vacation with friends? OR, if your friends are not available, how about taking a trip with some NEW friends!?! We have a travel club with the Guaranteed Lowest Prices…

You could be sunning yourself in the Caribbean

Caribbean Cruise for the Holidays

Let’s go together 🙂

Or relaxing at the Spa…

So much fun!

Pack in the FUN!!

How about some REAL ADVENTURE 🙂

Do something DIFFERENT for the Holidays!!!



Fun for the holiday

Let’s GO!!!

What ever you decide to do this holiday season, I hope it’s fun, relaxing and full of love!


Marian LaSalle
Your friendly travel consultant