Directing the conversations with have with others is different than directing the conversations with ourselves. We CAN be serious about it, creating focused and intentional results.

Structured, focused visualization on an object or goal helps you physically see it and create it.

Example - If you’re searching for coffee online and you begin thinking about cell phones, this is going to render your search much more ineffective.

You may think, “Of course, I should think about what I'm looking for while I'm searching.” BUT... you know how the mind can drift off into many other thoughts. Having internal focus can be a challenge for all of us. There are easy was to keep the focus.

One way is to simply speak out loud. This will help you perform tasks better. Get into a firm habit to design your life starting with the small tasks and increasing your focus to larger and larger chores, tasks and life events.​

Happy Sadness

Yes, I am a business owner and this will work well for business growth but, I'm also a human...a woman, a Mom, a sister, a friend, a pet owner, a neighbor, a shopper, a fellow driver, a customer, a partner, an audience member and more. I'm interacting with so many people including myself that I think it's time we all start thinking about how we can direct our conversations with each other including ourselves to create the focused and intentional results we really want.

Feel free to contact me any way it feels right to you. ​I'm active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Marian LaSalle is a speaker, author, trainer, teacher, internet marketing coach, a JV (Joint Venture) partner and most of all an entrepreneur. Marian Owns Painted Path Designs and loves to help people with their online business.