Don’t Give Up

What would you tell someone you care about if they were in your shoes?

Would you advise your friend or child to give up when it seems like they may not reach their goal? Or, would you practice your finest motivational pep talk and help them see what you see in their potential? I'm sure you would push them to be their best, so set yourself up for success and do the same for yourself.  Be your own best friend. You, more than anyone you know, deserve your belief and motivation. Keep working toward your goal. Remember that each positive choice you make is affecting you in hidden ways that will add up to BIG change over time!

Take a different approach if you need to. Ask for help, ask for an extension, hire a mentor or coach, or create a distraction. No matter what, don’t give up!!

dont give up

Don’t Give Up

About the Author

Marian LaSalle is a speaker, author, trainer, teacher, internet marketing coach, a JV (Joint Venture) partner and most of all an entrepreneur. Marian Owns Painted Path Designs and loves to help people with their online business.