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Life is so fascinating. Pretty early in our childhood, we catch on that life is not fair and somebody is messing with the plan. Once we start to realize that it happens to all of us, and it seems to be the norm, we start looking for the source of all this unfairness. If we spend too much time searching for the cause of our unhappiness, we notice that it causes even more unhappiness.

Instead of looking for the bad guy or gal, we can save so much time, energy and drama, by looking for what makes us happy. What are the things that cause us to experience joy and gratitude? We can make a list of the things that make us feel good, inspired, eager to move forward, happy, calm and excited.

With every problem and with every challenging situation we find ourselves in, comes a true blessing, a great lesson. Something we need to learn or master. Something that will help us grow, expand and evolve. Why not try looking at our bad days, at our problems and difficulties and negatives as opportunities.

Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want ~ Jim Rohn

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Special invitation to my community

I have created a group on Facebook called Mindful Awareness Club and I would like to invite you to join us.

This group of mindful, kind, supportive people has a cool Facebook forum AND a meeting online in a video chat every week on Tuesdays - 8:00pm CT 9:00pm ET.

The structure is: We start with introductions and then the leader reads a selected quote or poem and the topic for the evening, (Please volunteer to be the leader anytime) You can select the quote and topic or we will supply it for you. Next we begin sharing our feelings and thoughts about the topic. Maybe something came up for you, or it reminded you of something, or it was exactly what you needed to hear today. 

We keep the shares to about 3 minutes. If we want to share other news, comments and recommendations, we will do so after the everyone has had their time to share.

You don't HAVE to come to the Video chat to participate in the group but, we would LOVE to see you there!

Mindful Awareness

Thank you for joining me in this adventure called life. I'm always excited to hear from you so, reach out and connect. Don't put it off another day!

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