Can a blog have a huge positive effect on your business?

Anyone who has been around me for any length of time knows I LOVE to share stories. True life stories about what is working or what is not working and why is usually what you will hear from me.

Today is no different

This idea came to me because of a message I got on Facebook this morning. This is a direct quote from a client I have, who at one time, did NOT believe a blog was worth his time.

Review of Blog ServicesBlogs have come a long way in a short time. When I started writing ‘blog style’ they didn’t call it a blog, they called it an online journal. I started ‘JOURNALING’ inside a cool community called Live journal. It was fantastic because I worked from home and it gave me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world in a way that was personal and fun. I got to share stories of my life –work and personal- and, I also got to read and learn all about the other people in my online community. I got invitations to visit my friends all over including South Africa and so, I was hooked.

When my daughter asked me to join My Space and then Facebook so I could get new pictures of my grandchildren, I gladly obliged.

As I got more comfortable with Facebook, little by little my online journal began to fade into the background and then I found WordPress. Not the free version but my own home on the web. I get to blog and share again in a whole new way that’s fun and fascinating. I am free to do and say whatever I want and share it with the world. I soon found out that I could have a blog and a website all on the same site and even have multiple sites.

Can a blog have a huge positive effect on your business?

I’m sure by now you know that blogs are online journals with topics from How to set up a garden to feed the hungry, Internet safety, How to stay healthy and more but you may be wondering how blogging can affect your business.  The truth is, your blog has the potential to be the most powerful marketing tool you can use for developing your business, attracting your perfect client, educating prospects on your products and services, driving traffic to your pay pal button or shopping cart and much more.

WordPress is the perfect spot for your blog

Blogs are a must for your business today. I suggest using WordPress for many reasons. The biggest ones are built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and flexibility. I recommend owning your own and having it hosted with a stable, secure company such as BlueHost (the hosting company we use and my trusted affiliate). These hosting platforms allow you to set up your home on the web and create a powerful, dynamic online presence without worrying if ‘THEY’ will shut you down or ‘CHANGE’ the rules.

Blogs are the most cost-effective way to get your business online.

REMEMBER for business potential, it’s not about you, it’s about them – your target audience. A blog gives the media, your targeted clients, customers, potential joint venture partners, investors and virtual assistance, easy access to news and information about your company, products and services. You can share your product information, new releases, case studies and your vision. Adding personalized media like video, audio on demand and other custom elements will make your blog more interesting, and easy for your audience to understand your brand and mission. With the cool new tools available to us now, your marketing email and your blog will all work together hand-in-hand.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is the Google juice you will gain from the frequently updated content that you will be adding. Google will index your blog posts almost immediately, which does not happen with an old style, static website.

Your blog will help you build stronger relationships with your customers, prospects and website visitors with the two-way communication and updated tools and graphics. Visitors to your blog will be able to quickly and easily share their comments and suggestions with their friends and colleagues and of course YOU.

Sold on the idea of adding a blog site to your marketing mix?

Get started today by going to my Tools Tips and Technology website and sign up for the free 20 minute strategy call to discuss your ideas. Sign up for you STRATEGY CALL HERE


Cheers to you my friends!


Marian LaSalle

Share Your Brillance

Life lessons come in WAVES

Sometimes life lessons are soft and kind, washing over us with warm soothing water and other times they can come in as harsh as the water erosion that carved the Grand Canyon.

Life Lessons Come in Waves

Over that last few months, I have been reminded that those of us who try to create in our personal or business life, what we think others will like,​ is not the best way to approach it. It might work out ok but more than likely it's a real struggle. It usually doesn't feel good and it takes longer to get things accomplished.

Most of the people I know who are giving up trying to be something they are not and share their BRILLIANCE JUST THE WAY THEY ARE, are much happier, more successful and they feel FANTASTIC!

My advice...

Don't jump out of the plane and figure out on the way down how to land safely all by yourself. Join a team of people who are motivated to help you build your safety net and double check your parachute​ to make sure you land with them safe and sound and ready to go again!

Hot Tip For Travelers From Castles to Treehouses

rooms for rent

Whole house or rooms ANY price point

​         This is truly a unique travel experience

A FABULOUS Resource!

Airbnb is a site that allows you to either advertise your own place, or rent someone else’s place while you’re traveling. You can rent a single bedroom in a home, or you can rent an entire place in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

Hot Tip For Travelers From Castles to Treehouses

You get to experience all the comforts of home while you’re away. Plus, in some cases the hosts will give you tips on the best local spots to visit and even pick you up from the airport! NO KIDDING I know someone that traveled all over Europe and this was their experience.

I think for some people (adventurous types…like me)  it’s the new way to travel. Want to try it? Here’s $25 towards your first stay!

If you have a trip coming up soon, you should check airbnb out. It’s simple to sign up, and it’s free to search.

Be sure to take the extra time to read past guests’ ratings & reviews!

Be good and remember to contact me anytime. I love to connect with my friends!

Your Friend Marian,

Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle

3 I Found A Built-In Personal Assistant On My PC

Hello friends,

Today I am trying something new and would like to share my results with you.  My fingers are not touching the keyboard, I am talking to you through my headset and my PC is typing my words.

I Found A Built-In Personal Assistant On My PC

I am not using a costly program like ‘Dragon Dictation’ software.  I’m using a little known tool that comes with your computer, built in speech recognition software.  Within 30 minutes I set it up, taught it my speech habits and learned how to move around my computer with my voice.  Opening files, software, the leading deleting emails and having a grand ole time. I am excited about the possibilities of being able to talk instead of type my posts for my blog, my text for emails and switching programs in and out with the sound of my voice.

I was even aeasy magic buttonble to insert this easy magic button picture with my voice.  I’m absolutely thrilled, so happy… I’m shouting with joy.

I admit it’s not PERFECT but what VA or personal assistant is?


Here are the directions as seen on Kim Komando’s post today.

Built in FREE voice recognition software for your PC

They are everywhere: Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now, Samsung’s S-Voice and now Microsoft’s new Cortana.

With these built-in personal assistant apps, controlling a smartphone is as easy as speaking to it. You can create text messages or email, run searches, set appointments or get information in a heartbeat.

The irony is that these small computers that have been around less than a decade can do this, but more powerful traditional desktops and laptops can’t. You’re stuck using a keyboard and a mouse if you want to get anything done.

Or are you?

It doesn’t get talked about much, but Windows has free built-in speech recognition for controlling common features. You just need to know how to turn them on. It is HIGHLY recommend that you get a headset microphone for this purpose.

In Windows 8, 7, and Vista, go to Control Panel (in 7 and Vista, go to Start>>Control Panel;
In Windows 8, right-click in the lower-left corner and select Control Panel and click the Ease of Access link.

Next, click Start Speech Recognition. Now you can use your voice to start and switch programs, create and edit documents and more.

At first, speech recognition might not work too well. Click the Speech Recognition Options link, then go down the list of options: Set up your microphone, take the speech tutorial, train your computer and bring up a list of common commands you can print.

The common commands list is very helpful because you do have to phrase things in a certain way. Otherwise you’ll just be talking to the computer like Scotty to that old Mac in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.” (“Computer … Hello, computer.”)


Marian LaSalle's Personal Assistant

Marian’s Personal Assistant

Well, there you have it! I hope you found this cool tip/tool as neat and useful as I did. I am thrilled and I’m looking forward to all the work I can get done now that I can just talk instead of typing. I have always been as slow typist and now I can talk as fast as I want and get so much more written! Yahoo!!

Your Friendly Internet Marketer,

Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle

Today Is The DAY! Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week But TODAY

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered why somethings turned out great and others you failed miserably? It’s really your decision, no one else can do it for you but you keep looking for SOMEONE…ANYONE who has the answer you need to succeed.  Then finally one day you say ENOUGH!

Today Is The DAY! Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week But TODAY

Mark this day in time for me. I want to change a few things in my life and TODAY IS THE DAY! Not tomorrow, not next week but TODAY April 2nd, 2014.

I have waited long enough. I have made enough excuses. I have given it enough thought.

TODAY IS THE DAY!Today is the DAY!

I used to smoke cigarettes and one day I decided enough was enough and I wanted to quit so, I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to quit.

  • My clothes and my hair smelled
  • My ashtrays were always overflowingstinky ashtray
  • People around me were bothered by the smell
  • It costs to much HARD EARNED MONEY
  • My breath smelled
  • I was so addicted, I have to have one when I had the craving & this was embarrassing
  • I was coughing more and more
  • My mother died a HORRIBLE death with a lung disease called emphysema 

I looked over the list and it made me gag. (To this day I gag thinking about it) I finally had had enough and was willing to quit. I threw what was left of the pack away and started fresh the next morning. The cravings were really strong and constant but every time I had the urge, I would say to myself, Oh… that’s right, I forgot, I’m a non-smoker now and the urge went away.

It was a miracle!!!

The 1st day, I said it a hundred times, the second week 50 times a day, by the 6th week it was down to 20 times a day. I have never picked up another cigarette and to this day consider that statement my miracle saying.

I have decided to use that strategy again on myself for a few other things that need to change. No one is bugging me, no one is demanding it of me I WANT TO CHANGE. So instead of tomorrow I’m not waiting another minute… TODAY IS THE DAY!

I will let you know what those changes are in my next post so stay tuned 🙂

Feel fee to let me know if you need help with something you need changed. Or if you have a success story I would love to hear all about it.

Your Friend Marian

Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle


I am Valuable

I get inspiration from so many of life’s little treasures. People I meet, places I go, Podcasts I listen to, websites I visit and sometimes even in my dreams. Today’s inspiration comes from a special gift to this world ‘Joel Osteen.’ If you have ever seen him on his television show, in person at Lakewood in Houston or read any of his books, I’m sure you can understand how people can be inspired to live life with more gusto.  Today’s inspiration is about what we tell ourselves, labels we let someone assign to us and how it can take over our whole life.

Words are like seeds, if you dwell on them long enough they will take root and become what was said. You can’t stop the negative comments or prevent the negative labels but you can choose to remove them

I AM valuable

I AM valuable

Are there labels people have put on you? Quit acting like those words are true. Don’t wear that label. This is a new day and you can change your label.


Lucile ball was told she had no acting ability, she should try another profession.
Winston Churchill was told he wasn’t smart enough…
Shaquille O’Neal was told he was too big and clumsy to ever play basketball and was removed from his high school team…

They chose to remove the negative labels and YOU CAN TOO!

When you believe, doors will open that you had never even dreamed of.

 Try on some of these new labels…

  • I am strong and valuable
  • I am designed just right
  • I am wonderfully made
  • I am extraordinary
  • I have seeds of greatness
  • I can have fun leaving my mark
  • People need my gifts
  • I am unique
  • change your perspective
  • I have a destiny to fulfill
  • I am a masterpiece
  • I am valuable to those who need me
  • I am one of a kind
  • I am capable of greatness
  • I’m the one
  • I am a world changer, a history maker
  • I already have what I need to succeed
  • I have the right experience to make it possible
  • I can well able to fulfill  my dreams


You’re not what people call you; you are what you answer to!!


Marian LaSalle

Updating the ole ‘What’s Happening in Marian’s Life lately’

Updating the ole ‘What’s Happening in Marian’s Life lately’ 

I seem to be doing really well. Feeling good, happy and….Calm 🙂

1. 1st on my list of happenings is My friend Vickie Owens and I have started on a let’s get our bodies moving journey. Every Friday we meet at 7am and walk for 30-45 minutes then a trainer meets us and we stretch and do push-ups (lite) and squats and such  LOL. You should see us… (maybe not).

Marian LaSalle

Vickie and Marian working out OUTSIDE!

The best part about this is we are working out ~ outdoors. We meet at Fonde Rec Center off Memorial Drive and walk around the corner to the Bayou. It is so beautiful down there. I will be taking some more pics to share. THEN I head on into Fonde and play Pickleball for 2 hours. You should come by and check it sometime. It’s fun and really good exercise. By 9;00 am I’m ready for a nap! I don’t do it though. I shower and get ready for a full day of work. Then, I try to make it back to Pickleball again Saturday from 10:30 am-1:00 pm.

Our trainer is a FABULOUS guy who is so patient with us. We get reminders by text and FaceBook messages to drink our water and move our bodies during the week. Sometimes we get a special treat and he brings a gal pal who is so encouraging and right there with us the whole way. I can hear her saying “you an do it” when I want to give up. Only 5 more to go….huff and puff….

2. My baby girl who is now 29 and my two wonderful grandsons who are already 3 & 6 years old have moved into a much bigger house in a new town closer to Megan’s work. It’s a wonderful house with lots of room and a FABULOUS back yard. It has a big Jungle Jim and TONS of storage space. I LOVE IT.

Alex and Brody

Alex and Brody

How does time fly so fast? Brody the 3 year old is turning 4 next week and I’m told that the cool, IN thing now is Angry Birds, Legos and books. Sounds great to me. I get to spend Thanksgiving with them this year at my older Sisters home in North Carolina. I am SOOO excited about that. Usually they make me fly to Michigan to see them around the holidays and even though I LOVE spending time with them, the thought of snow, ice and bitter cold wind just does me in. burrrr.

Alex and Brody

Alex and Brody

I’m all for visiting Michigan in the summer and having them come here for the winter. Don’t you think that sounds fair?

I want to spend more time with them so I’m working on a plan to work out a schedule like the snowbirds do. June, July, August in Michigan and the rest of the time here in Houston. I have no excuse since I can work from anywhere. (have laptop will travel) 🙂 I’m sure I can work it out somehow.

3. I’m very lucky to have my niece living here in the Houston area so I get to babysit and spend time with my brand new grand-niece. It is fun and exciting to have such beauty in my life. The children are so special and dear to me. I treasure every moment I get with them.


My sweet Niece

Other projects and life happenings…

I get to attend the Attract Money Now Live event in Austin next weekend. How exciting is that? Dee Wallace is the Keynote speaker and of course the WONDERFUL MR. Fire himself ~ Dr. Joe Vitale.

Dee Wallace

Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale

 Business is growing. Ck out some of our work here. Also we are launching a new division called WP Site Monitor. 

~Updating my book on Amazon called Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit 

~Launching a new Joint Venture Product soon, it will be an audio, video and a workbook.

~Writing for Wonderful Women in Business 

~Hosting social media expert Martha Giffen author of ‘Be Social Be Rich’ from Alabama this month in Houston!!!!

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen


~Playing Pickleball 2-3x a week now. (fun and really good exercise)

~Became a Director for  Public Speakers Association

~Launching a new Business Building Newsletter soon

Ok that’s enough for now.


Hope all is well in your world, please say hi if you have stumbled upon me.


Marian LaSalle aka “By Your Side Guide” is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and trainer. She is co-owner of Painted Path Designs, a web design and internet marketing Company.  Marian writes for and is the author of Affiliate Marketing for Fun and Profit.  She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Lead Trainer for iMarketing Made Easy.

Marian LaSalle

How Healthy is Your Professional Speaking Business?

Next week Red O’laughlin and I are the Keynote Speakers at the Public Speakers Association in and around the Houston, Texas area. I have listed the locations you can come to hear us and get valuable information about the health of your business. Even if you’re not a speaker you will get useful material for your business and meet some pretty cool peeps.

Feel free to come to any of the meetings and bring lots of friends. If they ask you who’s guest you are, be sure and let them know I sent you and your friends too.

How Healthy is Your Professional Speaking Business?

It’s very important to step back and access
the health of your business  on a regular basis

Health of your Business

We will be discussing Google Hangouts, how well Google LOVES the word REVIEW and so much more. Red is a researcher and author of health and nutrition books and is always on the look out for the cause and effect of serious conditions and diseases like CANCER. He will be enlightening us on how to keep a check on our business health by looking at the business owner’s health.

Google+ hangouts


Monday – Pearland

When: 3rd Monday of the Month – September 16th 2013

Location: Mimi’s, 11200 Broadway #1600, Pearland, TX 77584
Time: 11 pm to 1 pm  (11 to 11:30 is Networking and ordering lunch)


Tuesday – Meyerland

When: 3rd Tuesday of the Month – September 17th 2013

Location: The Egg and I, 4938 Beechnut St., Houston, TX 77096
Time: 11 pm to 1 pm  (11 to 11:30 is Networking and ordering lunch)


Wednesday – Katy

When: 3rd Wednesday of the Month – September 18th 2013

Location: LaFinca Restaurant, 23930 Westheimer Pkwy #108, Katy, TX
Time: 11 pm to 1 pm  (11 to 11:30 is Networking and ordering lunch)


Thursday – Sugarland

When: 3rd Thursday of the Month – September 19th 2013

Location: Nikos Fusion Grill, 16754 SW FRWY #A, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Time:11 am to 1 pm  (11 to 11:30 is Networking and ordering lunch)


Friday – Midtown (Red and I will NOT be Speaking here) but  we will be at the meeting

When: 3rd Friday of the Month – September 20th 2013

Location: Wedge International Tower 1415 Louisiana, 43rd Floor Restaurant, Houston, TX 77004
Time: 11 am to 1 pm  (11 to 11:30 is Networking and ordering lunch)


Monday – West Energy Corridor

When: 4th Monday of the Month – September 23rd  2013

Location: Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor, Park Row Restaurant, 14703 Park Row, Houston, TX 77079
Time: 11 am to 1 pm  (11 to 11:30 is Networking and ordering lunch)


Cost to Attend: Attend Once as Our Guest for Free.  … just buy a yummy lunch!

Who can Attend: Professionals wanting to network with other speakers and wanting to market their business through speaking.
Also, Professionals whose target market are speakers or experts who are taking their business to the next level.

How Healthy is your business

Business Breakthrough Summit with Caterina Rando August 16 & 17

Listen to this post HERE

I am excited to invite you to the Business Breakthrough Summit August 16 & 17 in Dallas, TX

Women Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Any Entrepreneur Ready for a Huge Breakthrough

Before I go on about all the cool things you will receive, let me tell you that I got to meet Caterina Rando in Dallas a few months ago where she was a speaker at another event. I was SO impressed, I have been counting the days until I get to see her again. I knew as soon as I heard her speak, she was the perfect coach for me.

Here’s my impression of her.

Smart, personable, motivated, dedicated to helping, honest, successful,
willing to share her knowledge, resourceful and FUN!
You know me… I love my fun factor!

They will have speakers who will share their ideas and strategies that are designed to help us accelerate our businesses and take action in new and highly productive and profitable ways. These are smart, savvy entrepreneurs who are highly respected in their field, and I am certain you will enjoy networking with them just as I am 🙂

The action doesn’t stop there: There will be some incredible round-table experts for us to connect with. We get to ask our questions and get the answers that will raise our expert advantage and start us on the path to building a business empire.  woo hoo…

Plus they will talk about how to:

  • Vastly increase our credibility – learn the steps that will improve and grow our reputation
  • Extend our reach far beyond our current client base: Generate new opportunities from outside our network
  • Significantly increase awareness and visibility while establishing us  as the “go-to” expert


Business Breakthrough


Here are the event details:

Business Breakthrough Summit with Caterina Rando August 16 & 17

(use my code to get a discount)  MLSBBS97

: August 16th & 17th, 2013, 9AM-5PM


Renaissance Dallas Hotel

2222 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207, United States
Telephone: (214) 631-2222 Fax: (214) 905-3814

1 How to Develop Good Habits

Do you ever take time to reflect on what is working and what you need to change?

Sometimes I feel like a rough rock that has been tumbling around inside a commercial tumbler for a while. I need to take myself out of the tumbler and look myself over and make my plans for how I want to proceed. Do I need to put myself back into the tumbler with a different grit? Do I turn off the tumbler and rest for a while? Model T Rock TumblerDo I need to ask my friends and business associates for some feedback? If we never take time to reflect on what’s happening to us, we won’t ever change right?

One thing I know for sure is, if I do want to change a bad habit like procrastination, bad  health habits, over eating etc. I KNOW I have to replace that habit with something because, if I don’t purposely fill in the empty hole, the hole will fill in with whatever it can. I have listed a few things you can do to develop a good habit or fill in a new habit to replace the yucky old one.

How to Develop Good Habits

  • Get involved in a 30-day challenge, focusing on just ONE habit.
  • Write it out on paper, along with what will keep you motivated.
  • Commit fully, in a public way.
  • Log your progress (I use i mood journal)
  • Have support for when you need help— online and off.
  • Reward every little success.
  • If you don’t make it the first time, figure out what went wrong, plan a new stategy, and try again.

I watched a show on the OWN network called Life Class. The host is Oprah and the teacher was Joel Olsteen.  He’s a  really good motivator and will give your self esteem a real boost. The biggest takeaway I got from his teaching was this quote. I LOVE IT so much that I made a quote graphic out of it.

I am quote

Stop and ponder what he’s trying to tell us here. Whatever follows I AM, will come looking for you. WHOA…that’s deep.

When you say things like I am so tired all the time or I am always late, I just can’t seem to be on-time for anything. I am getting so fed up with…. I AM, I AM, I AM. It will keep you in that mode of repeating the same bad habit. Let’s try to change it up and reword our I AM’s

If you have supportive friends or family see if you can catch each other saying these things and change it around to  I am remembering to  be on time more. I am getting better and better everyday at… or  I am looking forward to being on-time from now on. Don’t lie to yourself, be real.

Please report back and let me know how this technique works for you. It is really helping me.


Marian LaSalle