1 What did you learn this week? A review of a week in the life of Marian LaSalle

On  Wonderful Women in Business Facebook page, a question was asked…

“As a business owner….we continually have to learn new things. What did you learn this week?”

It made me sit still for  few minutes and really ponder on what I learned. It was a pleasant time as I thought back on all the people, events and activities that had gone on. I did learn this last week and I learned quite a lot, not just business but also very personal lessons.

A review of a week in the life of Marian LaSalle

I learned more about me and how I communicate with myself. I argue and fight with myself, I beat myself up, I pat myself on the back, I pamper myself and  I have conversations with me all day, everyday. I learned from a really good teacher that these conversations can be much more productive if, I take the time to listen and learn what I’m trying to communicate with myself. 🙂

I learned that even though we know it’s coming it’s still a HUGE shocked when the vet says, I’m sorry there’s nothing more we can do…

I learned that if we are taught how, we can ask for what we need and get it! This lesson came from a presentation I did with my good friend and business associate Red O’Laughlin Author of many books like  “RESULTS MATTER When You Want To Lose Weight and Keep It Off”   Red and I did a terrific presentation together called Reputation Marketing for the “Main Street Chamber”. As homework we ask the audience to open a Yelp account and ask for testimonials. The first person that followed our instructions was a wonderful friend and business owner Rod White from RW and Associates. He opened a Yelp account and listed his business and asked us for a testimonial. Click on this link to see my review.

Reputation Marketing Presentaion

Reputation Marketing Presentaion

Rod asked and he got what he asked for AND he got it right away. This was a good lesson in getting what you ask for. How many times do we keep things to ourselves that we really need to ask for help from others? If we need help, we should ASK! I love to help people but if they don’t ask, I can’t help. I know that if I asked you for help, you would help me right? If you could, you would, I know that, so why don’t I ask more often? Let’s all try it this week and report back. Find something you need help with, put the request out there and let’s see if you get it.

I learned that together we can not only accomplish more but we can do it with more ease and fun. Let’s remember to include others in more often and take the load off all of us!

Be kind and remember I LOVE to connect so ‘Let’s Connect Today’ and see if we can do some cool things together!

Your friendly neighbor,

Marian LaSalle
Author, Speaker, Mother, Artist, Business owner and all around good friend.





Confronting Yourself for a Fresh Start

Starting Fresh Today!

Today is a good day to start fresh, to make a commitment to ourselves to be the best we can be, even if it’s just for today.

There are two selves that exist in every person. One is the temporary self that has been created by the conditions of society and the other is the REAL SELF, the one who knows that there is a bigger picture, who can see life for what it really is. You can have a good conversation with the big YOU anytime you want to.

Here is how you can start fresh today…


Mirror Talk to Set up Change

Confronting yourself


 Confronting Yourself for a Fresh Start

  • Mirror Talk– Talk to yourself in the mirror just like you would a good friend who needs to have a reality check. Give yourself a self assessment. Be kind but firm. Confronting yourself can be just what you need to get started doing something you have been putting off (procrastinatinator). I found this technique can work very well IF you are ready to make changes.

One of the changes you might want to make is to get more exercise

Exercising Consistently – Setting up a new routine for fun exercise  can take a while but, we can all make a solid commitment to enjoy 30-60 minutes of fun activity everyday. Most of the free or low cost activities can be done alone however, it’s always more fun when we do them with others, so how about recruiting some friends to join in.

Here is a list of some ways to get going:

Walking – walking can be fun especially if you can get others to join in. You can chat about the day ahead, you can catch up with your friends and you can plan out your week.

Playing Pickleball  – The name sounds funny but this game is growing in popularity and I expect more and more people will be  hearing about this fun way to meet new friends and get a solid work out. Check out your local YMCA or community center for the nearest location.

Jumping on a mini-trampoline  – Just 15 minutes on this cute little jumper is fabulous for your whole system. Circulation, cardio, building strength in your legs and much more.

Swimming – Hopefully there is a place near your house that has a  pool that’s open all year round. I don’t even know I’m exercising when I’m swimming. I LOVE IT.

No mater what the change is that you need or want for yourself, the Mirror Talk technique is a good way to get yourself STARTED!

Try the Mirror Talk technique and let me know how well it works for you!

Marian LaSalle,
Your friendly pal who wants you to feel GREAT!

Marian LaSalle

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Spring is time for MOVEMENT and CHANGE


Spring is a time for MOVEMENT and change… time to move that block, stir up that process, uncover that idea and dust off the walking shoes!

Some of my friends say that they see me as someone who embraces change and they love that about me. It looks to them like I’m always trying something new. They see me as fearless and a REAL go-getter. What they don’t see, is that sometimes I say YES to opportunities or even create my own but, deep down inside, I’m scared and as the time gets closer for me to perform, I have the same fears and insecurities as anyone else. I think what’s different about me, is that I look forward to change and push myself to keep moving even if I know I could fail or look like an idiot. Let’s look at some of the good things about change…

Spring is a time for change

Here are Marian’s Top 10  Reasons why Change is a Good Thing

  1. Change encourages you to step outside your comfort zone
  2. With change comes more adventures in your life
  3. It takes much less energy and effort to go along with the change than to resist it
  4. You will be joining successful people because, they embrace change and use it to their advantage
  5. Change means more learning, growing and living
  6. You won’t have a chance to get bored
  7. Change is exciting and allows you to move forward
  8. Change is exciting and of full of positive possibilities
  9. When we change we adapt and people see us in a cooperative light
  10. There are going to be changes whether we like it or not so, why not decide to LOVE it

Why am I so happy to embrace change?

I AM…Learning, Loving, Teaching, Training, Speaking, Creating, Networking, Sharing, Playing, Traveling, Writing, Laughing, Merging, Planning and oh…yeah… a little work in there too.

Join me OK? You KNOW I want to connect with you!!!


Marian LaSalle,

The ever-changing lover of life


2 Can we stop paying for cable now?

Television & movie lovers pay attention here!

I got the word….
Please go through the monthly bills, like our cable TV bill and see how we can cut costs. I remember thinking, well ok… a lot of good that will do, they have us over a barrel and so, after talking with a few friends and my sweet daughter who does not have cable, I decided it was time to look into it.

Watching TV

Watching TV


It all became clear over the holidays while  I was visiting my daughter and grandsons. We watched some wonderful movies and all my favorite shows. One day before I left,  I overheard my daughter talking with one of her friends. Nothing out of the ordinary was said until I heard her casually mention that she doesn’t have cable and she doesn’t need it anymore. WHAT I said? You don’t have cable? THEN HOW were we watching all those shows and movies? I won’t kid you into thinking it’s a perfect system or that it won’t cost you anything but I am here to tell you that it can be done, and it is being done, and I plan on joining the pioneers that are cutting the cable line and all the monthly cost that come with it.

I am PLEASED to say, it won’t be long now when I can call the cable co and say TURN IT OFF & SEND ME A FINAL BILL!…. Ck out this article and see if you agree with me.  Is it Time to Stop Paying for Cable?


I’m excited and scared all at the same time, I still have trouble with my remote…

Wish me luck and stay tuned so I can help you make the cut too!


Your Friendly, Motivated Helper

Marian LaSalle



Creative Ways to Get Attention

Hi Friends,

Did I ever share with you that I used to work for a PR firm? My job was to get Authors on TV & radio shows, get book signing deals and shoot out press releases. I had many lists to work from but, the one I loved the most was HARO. Now, they have loads more to choose from and so I want to share a few of those with you today.

I’m all about sharing ideas and tips that will help us move forward. If you’re in business or, if you have written a book OR, if you have an event that you would like to promote, you will love today’s topic.  I want to talk with you about some FABULOUS websites and newsletters that allow you to find Reporters, Radio Shows & Popular Blogs that want to interview YOU! Or, if you need people & information for great content on your Blog, in your Newsletter, a book your writing or, on your own show, you will want this list.


media exposure



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This is a free service that is all about helping YOU, whether you are a blogger or someone who wants to get the attention of bloggers.

You should join BloggerLinkUp if you are:
A blogger who uses guest posts to fill in when you are away or just want to give your readers another point of view
A blogger or web site owner who wants to get links and exposure by writing guest posts
A blogger who does interviews or round-up articles and needs sources
A representative of a company that wants to get your products reviewed by bloggers
A PR person, publicist or social media consultant who helps clients with any of the above.


Last but NOT LEAST….

HARO…Help A Reporter Out
http://www.helpareporter.com  Main stream media uses this service to find experts from every background and industry. Sign up for their newsletter and watch your business GROW!

These sources have enough REACH to shoot your information ALL OVER THE WORLD. All you need to do is take some time to write out what you’re looking for and then be prepared to GET ATTENTION!


Your Friendly Creative Pal,

Marian LaSalle

Speaker, Author and Joy Seeker

How Does Google Handle Data Demands From The Police?

When I saw an article  from Alex Fitzpatrick about how Google handles requests for e-mails and other personal information, I just HAD to read it. I find it fascinating how we are evolving with the fast pace of modern technology.  Since I have been in the ‘tech’  industry for 12 years, I’ve seen the pace of change pick up from monthly to weekly to daily to hourly to now, where there is no way to even keep track. I’m sure there has to be some mighty busy lawyers out there keeping everyone in-line with all the new laws that are cropping up.

Mr. Fitzpatrick reports that Google gets “dozens” of requests for ‘users’ information from governments, courts and police forces around the world every day.  These requests are up 70% over the last three years, but exactly how Google handles data demands from government agencies has been a mystery — until now.

Google Privacy Policy

Your Rights On Personal Data

On Monday January 28th 2013, Google released new details about how it handles ‘officials’ requests for user data, reporting that it does everything in its power to keep user data private, when it’s legally able to do so.

Police or courts will usually ask Google to turn over user data, if it’s considered relevant to an investigation. When Google receives such a request, it looks over the request to ensure it complies with the law and Google’s own policies.

If you would like to read the whole article, feel free to jump on over HERE…

I felt pushed into the ‘TECH’ world when one day, I asked my daughter how to turn on the computer without blowing it up and she said “NO MOM! I have showed you enough times now, it’s time you get past the fear and just do it.” Since then, I wanted to prove to her and myself that not only could I learn it but, I could also keep myself and my data safe.

I have plenty of clients, friends and associates who feel like I do;  We love all the gidgets, widgets and gadgets we have available to us. It allows us to stay connected to people, places and information from ALL OVER THE WORLD. I find the people who are afraid, or use the words HATE when it comes to the words ‘technology,’ or ‘social media,’ are usually the people who don’t feel they can understand it, or  they are starting too late to ‘catch up.’  I say, if you can take some basic classes and start using the technology that is here to help you and make your life bigger and better, you will begin to see why we love it so much. Yes, it will be a constant learning affair, and if you embrace it, you can have fun learning.

If you want to be taught how to start creating an Internet presence, or to start blogging like I do, I use cool tools to teach blogging, updating and controlling your own website, social media tips, and making money on the Internet. Contact me by e-mail or phone right away! Be sure to pick up my book on Amazon called Affiliate Marketing For Fun and Profit.

Comment on this post and let me know how you feel about technology.

Please connect with me on social media, by phone or e-mail.


Your Friendly Internet Marketing Friend,

Marian LaSalle



happy thoughts

Marian LaSalle


Free Yourself From The Rut You’re In

How do we humans get stuck in ruts and keep ourselves repeating the same mistakes and bad behaviors over and over again? We are trained early on to feel fear of the unknown and to ‘know’ our limits. Our peers, parent’s, mentors and teachers mean well but, sometimes they teach us things that actually harm us as adults like;

  • Be patient
  • Don’t show off
  • Be careful
  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Don’t speak until spoken to
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Know your limits
  • Never eat your dessert first
  • That’s impossible
  • Quit being such a dreamer
  • Don’t take the easy way out
  • Be quiet
  • Don’t think big, you will only disappoint yourself

Some of our beliefs are hidden and we don’t even realize we are creating our ‘BAD LUCK’ or, the repeated drama that seems to plaque our lives until, we notice that life is giving us SHOCKS or signs that MAKE us pay attention. The signs can be small and repeated or quite LARGE like, we get fired from a job or our spouse leaves us.  We can start the waking up process by asking questions, getting ourselves into therapy, reading self-help books or going to motivational training and classes.

If you’re stuck in a cycle and you can’t seem to figure out why, it’s not your fault. Most of these beliefs we have ingrained in us are formed at a very young age and we don’t even remember them. Some of your beliefs are good, solid and helpful but, some of them no longer serve you and they keep filtering your experiences in a harmful way because you fail to notice and eliminate them.

If you really want to get a deeper grasp of your potential and focus on specific areas of your life, seek out processes, techniques and programs that will open your eyes & ears to unlock your limits and limiting beliefs.

I love this example of how we get trained early on and how we do not question why we can never get ahead…

Do you know how they train elephant’s in the circus to walk around in a circle, do stunts and obey the ringmaster or trainer’s every command?

When the elephants are very young, they tie a heavy chain or rope around its foot and drive a long stake in the ground to which the other end of the rope is tied. The baby elephant tries and tries to walk away for a long time, but finally begins to know its limits and stops trying.

As the baby elephant grows into a huge beast weighing in at several tons, the trainer removes the huge chain and replaces it with a small rope and short stake. This full-grown adult can easily pull the stake out, but it doesn’t because of its conditioning with the heavier chain and stake.nothing is impossible

What is holding us back?  Why can’t we break out of the rut we find ourselves in when all we need to do is walk away in order to be free?  The answer is the powerful conditioning and training we received. Our minds and dreams are certainly as powerful as the elephant’s physical strength and weight—but how many people can’t seize the opportunity for freedom because they think that it is not possible?


Do not make the mistake of thinking that these lessons do not apply to you because you are not an elephant. The same thing happens to millions of people all the time. 

I’m recommending a GREAT book! I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and reaching your dreams by Patrick Henry Hughes


One Day Special Deal Kindle Fire HD

Special one-day deal!!!

Amazon has lowered the price of its 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD by $50 in a special one-day deal.

The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD sports a 1920×1200 resolution screen, a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, a front facing HD camera and 16 or 32GB of storage memory. The standard price for the 16GB variant is $299.

Though the deal is valid only today, it might end before the end of the day, as Amazon warns that quantities are limited.

Kindle Fire ONE DAY DEAL!!

Kindle Fire ONE DAY DEAL!!

You can check out Amazon’s offer here.
More About: amazon, kindle fire hd


Your friendly life tour guide 🙂


Marian LaSalle

6 Busy Busy Busy…

Everyone I talk to lately tells me they are sooo busy. They have never been this busy and most of them are stressed out to the max. I too have been known to say the exact same thing however, I have made a decision that things are going to be different for me and the people who I influence. From now on we are going to have fun no mater what we are doing AND we are going to let the people in our lives who try to drag us down go. I call this FREEDOM!! This is not always an easy task but well worth it in the long run. From work to relationships I feel FREE…  Feel welcome to ask me how I have been successful at this and I will GLADLY share my secrets.

I have been called a Pollyanna before and you know, that’s just fine with me. I have a peace inside me that is growing stronger and stronger everyday. I surround myself with kind, loving, generous, HAPPY people and that is a protection from the poison you just can’t buy.


I’m a Polly Anna

I am constantly asking the universe to help me with the chore of bringing me money and the physical stuff I feel I need to be comfortable. Ask and you shall receive ‘They Say’.  Just go towards what make you happy and share that happiness with your customers, family, friends and prospective customers and you will soon find that the RIGHT people are attracted to you.

I know how important it is to take care of my body as part of this happiness regimen so I have set myself up for fun exercise. I make my friends meet me to walk  3 miles, 3 days a week and I found a fun new game called Pickleball that’s free at our local community center. I play 3 days a week for 2 or 3 hours and the time flys by. Check your local YMCA or community center to see if they offer it in your area.


Fun game of Pickleball

So busy or not you can choose to live a happy life, full of people who are kind and thoughtful by asking-knowing-expecting-setting yourself up for success and receiving.

Marian LaSalle
Your friendly Pollyanna,


P.S. Want to join the fun loving peaceful people I hang with? Ask me how you can travel at a discount with loads of Pollyanna types 🙂  We take 4 & 5 Star vacations on 2 & 3 Star prices. Traveling the world on cruises and adventures in style!

In The Cloud Travel


In the Cloud Travel

Join the fun, HAPPY People


FABULOUS Destinations for a Memorable Holiday Vacation

I’m going on a vacation for Christmas this year and I’m taking my family with me. I know EXACTLY where we are going… how about you?

Here are some ideas to think about for you and your family. OR, if your family is not around how about taking a vacation with friends? OR, if your friends are not available, how about taking a trip with some NEW friends!?! We have a travel club with the Guaranteed Lowest Prices…

You could be sunning yourself in the Caribbean

Caribbean Cruise for the Holidays

Let’s go together 🙂

Or relaxing at the Spa…

So much fun!

Pack in the FUN!!

How about some REAL ADVENTURE 🙂

Do something DIFFERENT for the Holidays!!!



Fun for the holiday

Let’s GO!!!

What ever you decide to do this holiday season, I hope it’s fun, relaxing and full of love!


Marian LaSalle
Your friendly travel consultant