What A Beautiful Day

Today is February 12th 2016 and it's a sunny, pleasant 79 degrees here in Houston today. No humidity to deal with, so we all feel very good about our decision to live here. It's been an all around really good day. It started out with my mastermind group meeting online and MAN did we get some good work in. We made lots of progress. We use a software called Zoom to meet online each week and then we meet in person once a month. Right now we are concentrating on our CTA. (Call To Action). My call to action was to get a networking schedule together and to write a nice response to all the people who want to connect with me online. I get requests from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook mostly, Here is what I came up with...'Let me know if you think it's ok'...

Thank You for connecting with me. I look forward to getting to know more about you. Let's take this offline and actually have a 10 min chat when you have some free time. I have something I would love to share with you.

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I have several versions depending on where they connect with me. 


I also made a trip to the Apple Store which I've been putting off for too long. I don't suggest doing that without an appointment as they have a mile long wait. The first appointment I could get was Sunday. YIKES...

apple store

I've got much more to chat about and I want to hear whats going on with you so, let's stay in touch. Connect with me if you have time so we can catch up and create some smiles in our lives. 

Stay true to yourself and be kind to everyone you meet!

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Marian LaSalle is a speaker, author, trainer, teacher, internet marketing coach, a JV (Joint Venture) partner and most of all an entrepreneur. Marian Owns Painted Path Designs and loves to help people with their online business.